Steve Wetherell

The Totally Legend of Brandon Thighmaster



“Hi. I am Brandon Thighmaster. Monk. Hero. Inspiration. I enjoy crunching, squats, looking at myself, looking at other people looking at myself, and long walks on the beach. I also do adventures and stuff, and I guess you can read about them here. But enough about you, let’s talk about me. Brandon Thighmaster.”


Hell’s Titties (with Robert Bevan)




Nestled between two peaks in the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains, a quiet town sits upon an evil as old as the hills themselves.

Bucky Wallace longs to break free and see the world outside of Hell’s Titties, but the town isn’t ready to let him go.

The Torso Farmer



Dyson is a torso farmer, which is perhaps not the worst job in Valhalla. However, a lifetime behind the fork is about to take its toll, and Dyson is about to learn a terrible truth. Even in a world of constant horror, things can always get worse…

The Ballad of Azron Bezron

  • A Doomsayer Tale


Azron Bezron, master thief and accidental hero, is having a hard time adjusting to celebrity. An intriguing quest to retrieve a lost jewel might be just what is needed to dust off his legendary skills. However, with an idiot sidekick and a dour bounty hunter accompanying him, Azron will be lucky if he makes it to his destination alive…

Shoot the Dead

shoot the dead



When career criminals Jack and Billy Thatcher rip off their boss as part of their early retirement plan, they don’t bank on his underworld connections going a lot deeper than expected…

Now finding themselves on the run from undead monsters and chainsaw wielding freaks, the Thatcher boys will have to employ every dirty trick they know if they want to live to see another dawn.


The Doomsayer Journeys (Books 1 to 3)


On a world about to be obliterated by nuclear garbage, an incompetent psyentist must join forces with an immortal adventurer, a professional kleptomaniac and a nearly naked warrior princess in order to save to day. However, on a world populated with mythical beasts and ruled by a psychotic despot, saving the day is not so easy as it sounds…