Frank E. Bittinger



Rhayven House


The old house literally captured his attention with a flash of light, almost as if it had intentionally signaled him. Ian Harket knew he wanted it as soon as he laid his eyes upon it, regardless of how much work needed to be done.

Even before he actually moved into the house, some odd, unexplainable things happened.

After he moved in, he began to really experience the strangeness for himself, and he got the distinct feeling the presence in the house did not want him there.

A Christmas Canticle


Bronson Ghostley is a horror author and host of television specials who believes he has it all: a fantastic writing career, movies made from his bestselling novels, a paranormal investigation TV show, money, fame. But he has no use for Christmas…until he is visited by spirits who come to show him that maybe he doesn’t have everything.

In the tradition of the classic Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” comes this holiday tale sure to warm your heart.

Angels of the Mourning Light


Micah Graves is full of questions, but one in particular plagues him: What happens when you die? Haunted by the memory of his mother’s untimely death, Graves has made it his mission in life to find the answer.

At age thirteen, Graves watches the mother he dearly loves waste away as a victim of insidious cancer. As he grows older, he cannot forget the agony she suffered on a daily basis—a profound misery even the prescribed painkillers couldn’t dull. But what he remembers even more vividly is the moment just before the light faded in her eyes. When a beautiful smile graced her face, as if all her pain had ceased, it was obvious his mother had seen something or someone in those final minutes that Graves could not see himself. It is not long before Graves begins a life-changing journey with one goal in mind—to find the truth as to what awaits the dead on the other side.

Over the course of the next twenty-three years, Graves will attend over four thousand funerals where he will discover there is so much more not only in this life, but the afterlife as well.

Into the Mirror Black


When the great-grandmother who raised him passes away, Storm Cassavettes leaves behind the life he’s made for himself in Virginia and moves back to Western Maryland to claim his inheritance—which includes a Victorian house he never knew existed. And he slowly begins to find answers to the question of his family’s past. But some things are better left unknown.

Soon after his arrival in New Mystic, he discovers an old book lodged in the wall. It’s a book filled with arcane symbols, weird drawings, and what appears to be incantations. To whom did it belong and how did it get into the wall?

While Storm sleeps, a new world opens around him. A woman watches him sleep. Children play hide and seek downstairs in the dead of night. And Storm dreams—dreams of a mirror, of an ancient city in ruins, and of the same city resurrecting itself.

Angels of the Seventh Dawn (The Scarabae Saga Book 2)


The second book of the Scarabae Saga, following the haunted house Into the Mirror Black.

Aleksei “Lex” Simons decided to explore the nightlife to find inspiration for his novel. He stumbles upon the Seventh Dawn and discovers more than inspiration: he finds a new world of vampires, wereanimals, and more magic than even he could have imagined.

A series of mutilation murders frightens the city. A killer stalks the night. Strange symbols are drawn in blood on an alley wall. ‘Prey For Me,’ a killer croons as one by one citizens of the city are slaughtered.

Members of the mysterious world, including friends near and dear, fall—collapsing into comas with little warning. And then the killer’s attention turns to one of their own and he comes one step closer to destroying everything. The more-than-mortal community bands together in an attempt to stop the chain of events leading to the end of their world.

The stench of death envelops the city. But more than death has come to the city.

An ancient menace is awakening. A series of events have been set in motion. And Aleksei will find himself in the midst of the apocalypse.

In the world of magic, things are not always as they appear.