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Speculative fiction includes genres such as horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Basically, it is any fiction that  includes elements derived from the author’s imagination, rather than those based on reality. This means speculative stories include characters you won’t find in your every day life and technology not yet invented.

But the Dolls aren’t about your run-of-the-mill speculative fiction. We prefer stories that push the already tenuous boundaries of these genres. It’s dark, it’s provocative, it’s thrilling, it’s even funny sometimes, and often, it doesn’t quite fit under the mainstream banners typically reserved for this genre.

However, it’s important to note that we really like our dark stuff. This vast genre is full of many subcategories, but all of these share one goal: provoking a response in the reader. This response may be physical, as in cringing from the words written on the page, emotional, as in terrorizing or disgusting the reader, or psychological, as in keeping you up all night or making you close your laptop just in case your stalker hacked your webcam. Authors of dark fiction strive to frighten or at least shake readers with shocking stories, dark atmospheres, or disturbing imagery.

Combining this with off-the-wall antics, weird situations and characters, and/or fantastical elements makes for some pretty awesome reading. (Just our opinion, of course.)

We’ve separated our books by author, so if there’s a new-to-you face in our list, just click on their name and we’ll do the rest.