Renee Miller

bio pic Renee Miller

Renee Miller has been many things in her life, but she’s most consistently an asshole. Sometimes she’s cool, but not often. Someone called her a powerhouse once, but quietly, and with a bit of a whimper. If only Kevin Spacey would notice.

But seriously, Renee Miller is an author of many genres with poor self-control (obviously), an addiction to cake and potato chips, and inappropriate fantasies about Kevin Spacey. She’s published novels in the crime/suspense, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, fantasy/horror/comedy, and erotic horror genres.

Christ, Renee.

Renee’s all over the Internet. Check out her column on Underground Book Reviews, aptly titled “Miller Time,” or find her on Facebook. She’s got this blog, where she rants a lot, and she’s on Twitter too.