What’s New for April? Books!


C.M. Saunders has been a busy, busy boy. Last month, he published a little something in Crimson Streets, and he continued with his Retro Review series. In April, not only is he continuing is Retro Review series (catch the latest on his blog), he’s also releasing the third book in his X horror collection series, X3. You can pre-order it now, and while you’re at it, get the first two books in this series for just 99 cents in April as well.

Our very own P.J. Blakey-Novis has also interviewed him for Indie Writers’ Review (Follow the Facebook page for book, review, etc. news and for opportunities to win books) and Christian’s stopping by Roadie Notes for another interview. You’ll want to check both out.


Oh, and speaking of Mr. Blakey-Novis, keep your eye on this blog or his Indie Writers Review page next month for news about upcoming titles from him as well, including a little something called Boxes of Blood.

This month, Renee Miller released Splish, Slash, Takin’ a Bloodbath with Unnerving Magazine, and on April 10th, look for her twisted novelette, Cats Like Cream. And for the month of April, Renee’s got a little thing happening on her Facebook page. For the price of answering a question, you’ll be entered to win a digital subscription to Unnerving Magazine’s 2018 digital catalogue. That includes mobi, epub and PDF copies of all of the 2018 Unnerving releases below (not the magazine), plus a couple of more TBD titles, and/or a paperback copy of Eat the Rich, which will be released in July via Hindered Souls Press.

And Katrina Monroe fans, if you’ve been missing her lately, don’t fret, she’s been publishing a series of short fiction on her blog. The first, Liquid Innovations, Please Hold, appeared last month, and the most recent, Lost and Found, is available to read now. Stop by throughout April for more brand new fiction from her.

In case you missed it, Steve Wetherell also released brand new fiction in March. Check out his Shingles Series installment, The Monkey’s Penis. His comedic horror gem, Shoot the Dead, is also on Amazon Prime’s reading list for April (actually, its on the list now and will be for 90 days, which means it’s free for Amazon Prime members, so get on it).

Michael Keyton has been quiet, but tune in next month when we reveal May’s book news for more from him as well.

That’s all for now, kittens. Check our Facebook page for more news, and check back here next month to find out what we’ve got going on in May.



Choose Your Own Adventure Part 1 (Or When Renee Makes the Dolls Do Stupid Shit)



by Renee Miller

Good morning, dolls. How is the shit with you? Good? Wonderful. For me, today is pretty exciting? Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. Today marks the first day of what I’m betting will be a hilarious, frustrating and interesting adventure.

Because YOU all are going to help a few of us write a book.

Here’s how we see this thing going. Each week, we’ll let you guys know what we need from you. We’ll take all of your suggestions and use as many as we can. As the story develops, we’ll share excerpts, and keep you in the loop in terms of our progress.

Where do we start?

Well, we’re going to need a first line. We’ll go with the first one to comment here. Please make it awesome.

Now, we’ll also need characters. Only one per comment. Give us as much detail as you can. For example: Felix Giantnuts, Doctor, male, age, pulls the wings of flies in his spare time and is allergic to cotton. We’ll decide who gets to be a main character, but we’ll use as many of your ideas as possible for the entire cast. (Remember, I have a thing for writing shit with WAY too many characters, so it’ll be easy)

Next is genre. We’re going with bizarre in general, because obviously that’s what we’ll end up with, but we’re open to suggestions for subgenres. (For example, horror, sci-fi, erotica, etc.)

We also need setting. Anything goes. Again, we’ll use as much reader input as we can for this. So if one of you suggests a particular time period, while another suggests a city (real or imagined), we’ll use both.

And finally, for the first week we’re taking random suggestions for anything else pertaining to the plot. Yes, ANYTHING. Only this first week though, as we’ll be in plotting mode and all ideas can be incorporated at this point.

Every one of you that participates in this little nightmare is eligible to win freebies and other swag as well throughout the project. EVERYONE who participates will receive a free e-book when this bad boy is done. This means if you comment as “anonymous” with no way for us to find out how to reach you, well you won’t get fuck all. So, keep that in mind shy folks.


Let’s begin…