Oh how we love the bizarre, right? Bizarro fiction, as a general definition, typically uses elements of satire, absurdism, surrealism, and/or grotesque imagery, which creates weird, revolutionary fiction that is 100% entertaining. Sometimes comedy and bizarro overlap, as with Renee’s Fangs and Fur series, but she doesn’t walk far enough over the line of strange for us to include that series in this category.

Of course, many bizarro works are more than just weird, but it’s a major element all of these books have in common. As with horror and comedy, bizarro crosses genre lines, and no one is safe. Sci-fi, horror, romance, fantasy, crime, even erotica, may be classified as bizarro with the right amount of weird.

So, in this section, you’ll find books that are (of course) weird, and a few that don’t fit neatly enough into any one genre to be classified.