Book Review: The Outsider

by C.M. Saunders


the outsider

Title: The Outsider

Author: Stephen King


News of this release first broke back in August 2017 when King let something slip during a USA Today interview. Constant Readers then had to endure an anxious 10-month wait until they could get their grubby paws on physical copies. In fairness, it was worth the wait.

The Outsider starts almost like a police procedural, quite reminiscent of the recent Bill Hodges trilogy, when an 11-year old boy is found murdered and mutilated. However, things soon take a supernatural turn when it transpires that the chief suspect, the man who was identified by eye witnesses and left DNA evidence at the scene, was apparently in another city miles away at the time of the murder. What’s more, he can prove it. This, understandably, throws a spanner in the works and leaves the local law enforcement in a bit of a quandary. It’s an impossible crime, kinda like a locked-room murder, SK style.

At almost 600 pages, The Outsider is a pretty substantial addition to the Stephen King library, both literally and figuratively, and keeps up his recent hot streak. It illustrates his usual mechanism of juxtaposing the ordinary and the extraordinary, or in this case the possible and the impossible, seamlessly. As evidence for both sides mounts and opinions shift, you can’t help but feel for poor Terry Maitland, the well-respected cornerstone of the community who is accused of such an unthinkable crime. As ever, King’s character-building is exemplary, and his attention to detail unparalleled. Unusually, the premise is both outlandish and unnervingly plausible as it builds towards a shocking climax.

Somewhat predictably, it was recently announced that The Outsider will be shortly be produced as a TV mini-series, much like The Stand. On the face of it, the Outsider seems like perfect TV fodder.


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