September’s Deviant News and Books

Last month, C.M. Saunders announced that his short story Lakeside Park, was included in the anthology Terrors Unimagined, which is out now on Left Hand Publishing. Lakeside Park is an old-fashioned creature tale about a down-on-his-luck, ex-alcoholic custodian who agrees to take a job looking after a remote caravan park deep in the Welsh valleys during the winter. Suffice to say he doesn’t get the anticipated peace and quiet.

Full details and ToC can be found here:

Also, check out the super snazzy trailer!

This month, Christian’s slowed down a bit, but not entirely. Get Sker House free on Sept ember 7,8 and 9th, and get ready for his newest release, a reissue of “Dead of Night” in October. It’ll be available for pre-order in September, so watch our Facebook page for dates.



Young lovers Nick and Maggie decide to escape the city to spend a romantic weekend camping deep in the idyllic countryside. The excursion begins well, but soon degenerates into a maelstrom of terror when one of them comes face to face with an undead civil war soldier. They flee into the wilderness, but soon find themselves trapped in a deserted cabin and engaged in a mortal battle with a group of long-dead Confederate bushwackers, in the dead of night.




Finally, check out a couple of new entries in Christian’s RetView series.

And don’t forget, Steve Wetherell added a new story to the Authors and Dragons “Shingles” series called, “Put Your Hand in My Ass.” Get your copy here. You won’t be disappointed.



As we mentioned in July and August, Renee Miller released Eat the Rich, with Hindered Souls Press. In the coming months, the audio book will also be available. Renee also has a story, “THE CARTEL” entered into Deadman’s Tome’s The Meat Grinder contest for the month of August. Still a few more days to give it a read and share your thoughts in the comments. Will she win? Stay tuned…

And in case you missed it, look for Renee’s dark comedy, Contractual Obligations, in Books and Boos Press’s “A Sharp Stick in the Eye” anthology, which was released on August 14th.



Renee will also be releasing HOWL, an erotic horror novella, with Grinning Skull Press soon, as part of GSP’s Grave Marker series. Look for her erotic horror story, VIRTUAL HEALING in Lycan Valley Press’s GAME OVER: BLACK BOOK SERIES VOLUME 2.

Coming October 16th from Unnerving, you can pre-order Renee’s horror novella, Stranded, now. Also coming in October, Licking the Devil’s Horn, also from Unnerving. A paperback-only collection that includes Stranded, Cats Like Cream and Church.





Six contestants pair off into three teams of one man and one woman as part of a pilot season for a new reality show called Stranded. The challenge: Survive thirty days in a hostile and brutal environment for a chance to split a half-million-dollar prize. 

Victor, the show’s creator, chooses the northern Arctic as the first location, but after a single day, his mistake is clear: They are not alone. 

Their presence awakens a relentless and unforgiving predator that feeds on greed, lust and fear. 

In this game, the lucky ones get to die.


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