Coming March, 2018

The Dolls have book news! Did you think we were talking about something else?


Last month, C.M. Saunders’ first ever drabble, Coming Around, appeared in 100 Word Horrors: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles. He had fun drabbling, and it won’t be too long before you see some more from him, and maybe even a dribble or two.


He also got in a fight on Facebook, which is nothing new, and published number seven in his RetView series, in which he revisits classic horror movies and views them through a modern lens. This month, the topic is the British cult comedy Severance from 2006, a fun little flick about Another Bloody Office Outing.

Next month 80’s shock fest Demons gets the treatment. RetView #8 is up on the 13th

On March 18th his short story Dead Man Walking is going live on Crimson Streets which, if you’re not familiar with it, is “An over-the-top homage to the pulp and adventure magazines of the 1930s through 1950s. Where the detectives are more hard boiled, the dames are leggier, the scientists are madder, and the horrors are more horrible.”



On March 6th, Renee Miller has five stories in a collection that Unnerving Magazine is releasing, called SPLISH, SLASH, TAKIN A BLOODBATH.


Eighteen gruesome, blood-dripping, gape-wounded tales of slashers, predators, final girls, perverts, cannibals, and otherworldly nasties from authors Mark Allan Gunnells (Companions in Ruin and Flowers in a Dumpster), Renee, and Eddie Generous (editor of Hardened Hearts). (This includes a couple of stories Renee’s particularly fond of, like DEVIL’S TRAIL and MAMA, and a fun story written by all three authors.)

From the classroom to the campfire to the cemetery, Splish, Slash, Takin’ a Bloodbath offers an outside view of what should be inside a body, be prepared to scream!




As part of her release day celebration, Renee’s novelettes, HUNGER and STOP CRYING will be free from March 6th to 10th. And her very first published thriller, IN THE BONES, will be just 99 cents from March 6th to 13th.


And finally, Steve Wetherell is proud to announce his latest, released on March 1st, THE MONKEY’S PENIS.



Be careful what you wish for…

Chris doesn’t ask for much and he usually gets less, but a birthday gift of a disembodied monkey penis is about to change all that. Entering a world of mysterious powers and nightmarish consequences, Chris realizes the secret belief of every teenage boy- that his wang has the power to change the world.

The Monkey’s Penis is the third installment in the terrifying Shingles series, and once again readers with weak hearts or bladders are advised to read on at their own risk…







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