Shrink Wrapped : Michael Keyton Edition

Interview by Renee Miller

For those of you following this blog regularly, you know what this is about. For the rest of you, we developed a series of highly unscientific questions that allow us to gain insight into the brains of each Doll. Now, we just realized Michael and Liam never got a chance to be shrinked, so here we go. Michael Keyton’s turn.

 How would you explain Twitter to an alien?

The blind leading the blind.


You’re stranded on a desert island with the last five people you talked to. Cannibalism is inevitable, so let’s skip to the good stuff. Who gets eaten first?

The Postman won’t be ringing twice.


If an alien abducted you tonight, what part of your body do you think they’d be most confused by?

I refuse to say the obvious. But that.

Tom Hiddleston or Tom Cruise? Explain your answer.

Hiddleston because he doesn’t jump on couches.

**No, he prefers counter tops, which requires skill, and let’s face it, looks more classy.**

tom jumping.gif

Have you ever lied about something just because you knew you could get away with it? Care to elaborate?

No – in the same way I wouldn’t kill for fun or wee in my pants. A good catholic background has never really inhibited my ability to lie but when I do it’s partly instinctive and governed by three factors. 1) To make life easier for myself 2) To avoid conflict 3) To avoid hurting others. All three are intrinsically linked.


Tomorrow you wake up and you’re the opposite gender. What’s the first thought that comes to your mind and the first thing you do?

First thought: Toilets.

First thing I do: Dress and check myself out; then ask ‘Does my bum look good in this?’


Ink Blot: Tell us what you see.

ink blot

Alien skull.

**I think he’s right…**



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