What Brings You to Our Corner of Cyberspace?

by Renee Miller

Mostly, your perversions, apparently.

It’s always fun to look up the search terms or keywords that bring folks to your blog. Some of them make no sense, but others can be revealing. So, I looked at the top search terms used to find this blog in 2017, and man, you guys did not disappoint with your weirdness. Let’s begin:

Doll house deviant: Well, duh. Wait… is this a thing? Like a fetish thing? Huh. I hope you guys weren’t looking for an x-rated dollhouse of some kind. We’ll see what we can do about that in the future. Kay? Cool.

You make me tingle a little:

cersei smirk

Shucks. We do try.

Giger fuckssakes:


What does this mean? Anyone?

How to ladyscape: Well, a couple of us could write a how-to on this. Perhaps we’ll cover this in a later post?

Katrina Monroe sexy (and Katrina Monroe porn, and Katrina Monroe sex 2017, AND Katrina Monroe fuck boy):

shocked dog

We’re not sure what Kat’s been up to this year, but it sounds very intriguing. Kat? Care to explain? (Actually, after some investigation, we’ve discovered there is a porn star with a similar name, Yawn.)

I shrink wrapped my penis:

wow gif

We don’t give medical advice, but if you shrink wrapped your mister, I think you should get help of the psychological variety as well. Why would you even do that?

I’m a mindless doll and sir is my master:


Yassss, bitches!

Ahem. I mean, I’m eager to meet this “sir.” Wonder if he’s the reason for the shrink wrapped penis. I mean… assuming sir is a “he.” Maybe he’s a she. Never can be sure about these things.

I’m disappointed we didn’t have a single search for horror, speculative fiction, authors, books, or anything related to what we’re actually about. Clearly, I need to work on the tags and categories. Or maybe I won’t…


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