Wanted: New Blood (Old Blood is Okay Too)

The Dolls are looking for new blood.


Are you a speculative and/or dark fiction author looking to expand your marketing opportunities? Are you ambitious, motivated and at least a little curious about working with a group of like minded souls to take your book sales to the next level? (Or at least get yourself a few more sales than you have now?) If you’re nodding your head to all of this, then we might get along.

If you’d like to be a part of Deviant Dolls, then we’d love to have you. No, we are not a publisher. We’re a group of authors who’ve combined our efforts to publish and promote our books (both traditionally and independently).

Of course, there are some criteria in terms of what we expect for potential members. This seems cruel and maybe petty, but we need to make sure every member brings something beneficial to the table. We’ve been down some troublesome roads in terms of participation, and we’d rather avoid the potholes, thankyouverymuch.

And yes, we check out all of this before we let any new victims members into the group.

So, if you can say yes to all of the following, we’d love to hear from you:

Social Media presence: This means you MUST (at minimum) have a blog, a Facebook page AND be active on Twitter. Active on Twitter means you tweet regularly, and not just about your books. You engage others (RT’s, replies, etc.) and you have a solid number of followers (we like around 1,000, but that isn’t a firm number if your presence elsewhere is strong).

Publishing credits: Minimum of two books published (independently or via a publisher, and yes, anthologies count), with the most recent being published this year. This sounds arbitrary and maybe unfair, but we can’t market you if you’ve got nothing to promote. We’re not mentors, nor are we publishers. This group is meant to help each other get the word out there about our books. If you’ve got none, or haven’t published any in a really long time, we can’t help you and you can’t help us. We need to have equal give and take in this relationship.

Ambition: As I said earlier, we’ve had trouble with member participation in the past, so you MUST be willing to participate in group projects, write the occasional post for the group blog, share links, promos, etc. from other members, and if you’ve got ideas, you must be willing (if not eager) to share them. Marketing is a constantly changing thing that baffles even the smartest of us, so new ideas, no matter how silly, random or cliché are a must.

An open mind: Our members write in a variety of speculative genres. Some love comedy, while others prefer the serious side. Some mix erotica into their work, while others like to keep it clean. If you have any reservations about promoting anything because of its themes or graphic content, then we’re not the group for you. We don’t expect members to promote everyone all the time, but we do require that you be able to at least support each other in some way. If you have strong objections to specific content, that’ll have a negative impact on what you give/get from the group.

A sense of humor: We’re a motley crew here, some of us have rough edges, so a sense of humor goes a long way. Some of us are conservative, wouldn’t say shit if our mouths were full of it, while most of us can get a little… well, as far from conservative as you can imagine. We don’t censor anyone (but we do expect members to be RESPECTFUL of each other) and we encourage openness. You do you, is our motto. For some of us, weird and/or “deviant” is just as natural as breathing. So, if you can’t handle that kind of thing, then, again, we might not be a good fit for you.

So, still interested? Send Renee an email at deviantdollspub@gmail.com. She only bites when she’s in a bad mood.


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