My Favorite Monsters

By Renee Miller

Happy Halloween, Dolls! For my installment of the spectacularly spooky whatever this is, I’m going to talk about my favorite horror monsters. In this genre, authors have crafted all manner of terrifying, dark and weird creatures. I love them all, but I do have a few favorites.


Yes, I know. So cliché! But I’m not talking about Twilight vamps here. I love vampires of the old days, with a hint of modern romanticism and (of course) sex. A dash of stoker with a sprinkling of Rice. A bit of Supernatural poured over a morsel of True Blood. I enjoy the dangerous, dark vampires that scare the bejesus out of you, but I also crave a glimpse into their minds. They can’t live forever and be completely without thought or emotion, right? What must it be like to live in the shadows like that? To dance so closely with death that your very existence depends on it?

renee vamps.gif

Yeah, like The Lost Boys vampires. Look at all that hair.

I like my vampires bloody and murderous, but I also enjoy knowing what makes them tick. That means, they can’t be “just” monsters. Some of their humanity has to have remained behind. Maybe it’s only the bad parts. That’s okay.


Not regular ghosts that are just hanging out for whatever reason. I’m talking dark spirits. Things that go bump in the night because they’re plotting to kill you. I tell myself I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe that anything lurks in the shadows around us, because when you’re dead, you’re dead. But I’ll admit, there’s way too many unexplained things out there for that to be entirely true. And it scares the hell out of me. This is pretty much how I imagine them, and why I’m not really a fan of The Grudge.

renee ghost.gif

After my dad passed away, there was this ratty old robin who would sit in the windows, staring at us. Sometimes, he’d peck at the glass. If we moved from one room to another, he’d follow. He’d sit on the fence when I took the dogs outside, just staring. Some might say, oh, it’s the spirit of your father. How comforting.


Sea Creatures

After watching Jaws at a probably too young age, I refused to go into any body of water I couldn’t see the bottom of. No, I wasn’t afraid of sharks specifically. That movie made me terrified of EVERYTHING that might be lurking in the water waiting to kill me. I went two whole summers not swimming anywhere but pools. So, when I read or watch a film featuring a monster sea creature, I’m already scared. Listen, I can’t even dream about swimming anywhere without it turning into a nightmare where I get drowned and then dismembered by something slimy and horrific.

renee jaws.gif



In Navajo legend, a skin-walker is a creature who has the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as any animal, usually for the purposes of harming people. Shapeshifters are similar, but they just shift, no possession. Most of the time, these things aren’t doing it for shits and giggles. They’ve got murderous intentions and I don’t like them.

The idea that something/someone can look like something/someone else, and I’d never know terrifies me. The idea that something could be inside you, just roaming around, getting cozy and shit before it kills you? No thanks.

renee skinwalker


Did you see this one coming? Too predictable? Well, I think humans have to be one of the most terrifying monsters I’ve ever encountered. We continue to surprise ourselves with the depths of our cruelty and depravity. I don’t even like watching the news anymore, because we just keep getting worse.


And we’re real, so that makes us scarier than the rest.


Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. What monsters scare you the most?

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