Never Will We Ever…

We’re open to a lot, but even Deviant Dolls have their limitations. So, we all sat down and discussed the one thing we’d never, ever write. Interesting results.


Hanna: One of those Christian romance books. Bleh.

christian gif

Liam: Yeah, well, I used to say I would never write erotica… look where that got me, I ain’t about to curse myself again, so I’m keeping my damn mouth shut.



Michael: chick lit – if you excuse the term.


(Sputters… how dare you.)

Katrina: I’d never write genre romance. I can barely write a decent love interest in what I do write without gagging.

(You will. We’ve seen your future and it’s got heaving bosoms and glorious shafts in it.)

cersei smirk


Christian: I’ll never write romance, or erotica, unless someone gets murdered.

okay gif

(Just walk away.)

Renee: I said I’d never write romance, and then I did. Said I’d never write erotica, and then I did. Said I’d never write sci-fi, and you know how that went. So, like Liam, I’m careful not to say I’ll “never” do something at this point when it comes to genre.

However, there is one thing. My only “no-no” in writing is the harming of animals. I’ve written about them already being dead, I think, but I can’t bring myself to describe someone harming them. Or babies, because obviously. That’s the only thing I think I’d never write.

Also, you guys and your romance/sex phobia… (Shaking head while staring at you with eyes of judgment)

Just kidding. How about you guys? Anything you’d never read or write about?


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