March Madness

By Renee Miller

Happy end of February, Dolls! It’s almost March, and that means one more month of dreary awfulness (for Canadians like me anyway). To brighten these damp, cold, warm, cold, last snow bullshit, and then more damp, cold, warm weeks, we thought why not toss you guys some awesome goodies?

So, we’re lining up some bookish giveaways to keep you happy while you huddle in your snuggy waiting for Spring to just get here already.

First, Katrina Monroe is giving away a paperback copy of ALL DARLING CHILDREN, which is the best thing ever for dark fantasy and fairy tale fans. It’s not your mama’s Peter Pan. (Just in case you thought it was a sweet retelling. It’s not.)


Katrina Monroe

My second story in DarkFuse’s Erotikos series, INVASION, will be live at DarkFuse Magazine near the end of March, so I’m giving away one limited edition hardcover of the collection. Now, this isn’t released until April 25th, so the lucky winner will have to wait until then to claim their prize.


I’ve also revamped Mind Fuck with a new title and cover. MAD will be on sale for 99 cents via Kindle for the first week of March. Why the change? It’s hard to find folks willing to promote it with “Fuck” on the cover, so I’m trying something new, because why not? The same story, different packaging. I’ll be giving away a couple of digital copies of that as well.


And C.M. Saunders will be giving away his latest offering, X: SAMPLE, full of deliciously dark short stories you can read in a single sitting. (Great for those of you who have to hide from the little minions to get a few pages read.)


We’ve got other goodies planned as well, so like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for these additions. We’ll be sharing the giveaways, as well as what we’re going to make you do to enter (don’t worry, it’s mostly sharing, trivia and hash tags, maybe a blood sacrifice or whatever, no big deal) as each giveaway is launched.




Drunk Book Reviews: Cult of Kill Volume 1

by Renee Miller and Captain Morgan

So, Katrina had an idea, and we always play along. Welcome to the first edition of drunk book reviews. We plan to run a couple of these every month. They won’t be as long as this one, we hope, but you can’t make drunk people follow rules. And each review will be a podcast for now, because we sound bad enough, we don’t need you seeing the total shit show. Cool? Awesome.

In this installment, Renee drank a lot of rum really fast, and then she reviewed Cult of Kill, by Patrick Kill. Because you’ll be wondering, there are some images below that will make sense when you listen to the review. Enjoy.





And, Sullivan…