Halloween Parties, New Releases & More

Because I know you all don’t follow our Facebook page, I’ve slapped together all the new things that have been happening with the Dolls. First, we’re hosting a virtual shindig on the Facebook we’re calling a “Spooktacular Halloween Party.” I know, we could’ve been more creative, but it is what it is. Drop by and amuse us and you could win books and other awesome goodies.

Starting on October 25th, a few Dolls are listing BIG SALES on many of their titles. For example, Renee Miller and Christian Saunders have gone all out and listed the following titles for just 99 cents the week of the party.

sale banner.jpg

In addition, Renee’s HUNGER, SWEET REVENGE, STOP CRYING, LUCKY and LASCIVIOUS will be FREE the weekend of the party.

Before the party, though, keep your eyes peeled for Katrina Monroe‘s new release, ALL DARLING CHILDREN, which will be published via Red Adept on October 20th. Just LOOK AT THIS COVER!!

all darling.jpg

And Forbes West will be re-releasing his bizarre gem, NIGHTHAWKS AT THE MISSION on October 21, featuring several new short stories set in the NIGHTHAWKS world penned by Jason Anspach, Todd Barselow, and Fenton Cooper. Another must-have.


Steve Wetherell has also been a busy bee. Between writing and Authors and Dragons shenanigans (You must listen to this podcast. It’s awesome), Steve had his A DARK NIGHT BEGINS cover updated. I mean, seriously:


The cover is so perfect for this story, it makes the rest of us jealous. Also, this is a fantastic book that you should just buy now. We’ll wait…

And what else? Let’s see…

Well, Renee Miller‘s ANTIBODY, a sci-fi/horror story, was published by DarkFuse Magazine. In December it will be published as part of the DARKFUSE #5 anthology, alongside some pretty impressive authors. I suggest you pre-order this baby. You won’t be disappointed.

The rest of the dolls are also working hard at more new releases. We’ll update you as soon as those are available.

For now, mark your calendars and grab these titles, or stop by our party on the 30th and you might win a copy.



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